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Little Robin Red Breast

The traditional English rhyme of Little Robin Red Breast
The nursery rhyme lyrics of Little Robin Red Breast has no basis in history for its origins. The intention of Little Robin Red Breast is to teach young children about natural enemies of animals. It also makes good use of the English language by using similes (red breast). It also introduces a child to onomatopoeia (a word that sounds like its meaning) In the Little Robin Red Breast nursery rhyme the word 'meeow' when pronounced conveys the actual sound of the word! The robin is a small brown bird with a bright red breast - hence the continuous reference to Little Robin Red Breast.

Little Robin Red Breast

Little Robin Red breast sat upon a tree,
Up went pussy cat and down went he;
Down came pussy, and away Robin ran;
Says little Robin Red breast, "Catch me if you can".
Little Robin Red breast jumped upon a wall,
Pussy cat jumped after him and almost got a fall;
Little Robin chirped and sang, and what did pussy say?
Pussy cat said, "Meeow!" and Robin jumped away.

Little Robin Red Breast

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