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The Little Bo Peep story

The Little Bo Peep rhyme builds the picture of a young shepherdess and the advice given to her by someone more experienced!

It is interesting that the name of Little Bo Peep was derived from the derivative of the words bleat and sheep!

There is no specific relevance to events in history for the origins of the Little Bo Peep rhyme.

The morale of the words in the song are that one must take responsibility of falling asleep or face the consequences...

The words of Little Bo Peep are quite interesting as they contain words that are an almost forgotten part of the English language.

Words such as espied, hillocks and lambkin can all be found in the story of Little Bo Peep.


Little Bo Peep story

Little Bo peep has lost her sheep
And doesn't know where to find them.
Leave them alone and they'll come home,
Bringing their tails behind them.
Little Bo peep fell fast asleep
And dreamt she heard them bleating,
But when she awoke, she found it a joke,
For they were all still fleeting.
Then up she took her little crook
Determined for to find them.
She found them indeed, but it made her heart bleed,
For they left their tails behind them.
It happened one day, as Bo peep did stray
Into a meadow hard by,
There she espied their tails side by side
All hung on a tree to dry.
She heaved a sigh, and wiped her eye,
And over the hillocks went rambling,
And tried what she could,
As a shepherdess should,
To tack again each to its lambkin.

Little Bo Peep story

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