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Cry Baby Bunting Rhyme

The lyrics of the poem "Cry Baby Bunting" were not intended to be important - it was the sound of the music to accompany it! The song "Cry Baby Bunting" would be sung softly to a young child as a lullaby. Perhaps to explain the disappearance of Father to a crying child! Earliest traceable publication 1784. There is however a version of this lullaby which clearly has American roots - please see lyrics below.

Poem - Cry Baby Bunting

Cry Baby Bunting
Daddy's gone a-hunting
Gone to fetch a rabbit skin
To wrap the Baby Bunting in
Cry Baby Bunting

Alternative Lyrics

Bye, baby bumpkin
Where’s Tony Lumpkin
My lady’s on her death-bed,
For eating half a pumpkin

Poem - Cry Baby Bunting

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