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Hector Protector

We originally believed that Hector Protector might relate to a Lord Protector of England, such as Oliver Cromwell or Edward Seymour, but the words simply did not relate to their stories. But there was another, lesser known Protector of England. We believe the 'Hector Protector' of the Nursery rhyme relates to Richard, Duke of York (14111460)

The Story of 'Hector Protector'!
Richard, Duke of York (14111460) was claimant to the English throne. The reigning monarch was the weak and ineffective King Henry VI (14211471) who was married to the determined and highly ambitious Margaret of Anjou (14301482). Margaret ruled as Queen Consort and there was a bitter power struggle between her and Richard. In 1447 Richard was made heir presumptive to the throne but was sent to Ireland to get him out of the away. He returned to England in 1450 to fight against the growing ambitions of the Queen and her supporters. At this time Richard was able to secure control of the government as Protector due to the onset of the Kings insanity. The King recovered, and had a son and Richard was dismissed from his role as Protector and forced to flee to Ireland in 1459. He returned in 1460 but was killed at the battle of Wakefield by the Queen's forces.

Hector Protector
Nursery Rhyme lyrics, origins and history

Hector Protector was dressed all in green;
Hector Protector was sent to the Queen.
The Queen did not like him,
Nor more did the King;
So Hector Protector was sent back again.

Hector Protector
Nursery Rhyme lyrics, origins and history

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