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Ky-me Nay-mo

The words of the Nursery Rhyme, 'Ky-me Nay-mo' reflect a bygone Industrial age. Our thanks go to Ricky Gunn for this highly unusual, purely phonetic rhyme. Ricky believes that it echoes the sound of some sort of sewing or weaving machinery which the girls of the village may have worked with over the decades/centuries.

The Nursery Rhyme was remembered by Ricky's grandmother Annie Summers (née Robinson 1887-1974) who lived in Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire, some 15 miles south of Birmingham. Just as with most Nursery Rhymes Annie taught the rhyme to her daughter Frances Gunn (née Summers, born 1920) who passed it on to her son Ricky!

Ky-me Nay-mo
Nursery Rhyme lyrics, origins and history

Ky-me Nay-mo
Kilt-a ky-mo
Ky-me nay-mo

Rim strim stram-a-diddle
Larra-bum-a-ring ting
Rig-num bulletin a-ky-mo!

Ky-me Nay-mo
Nursery Rhyme lyrics, origins and history

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Note: A Rhymes lyrics and the perceived origins of some Nursery Rhymes vary according to location

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